Welcome to the Social Relations Lab!

Individuals are frequently preoccupied with figuring out how they are evaluated by other people. But what are the implications of such concerns with evaluation for social perception and social behavior? Research in the Social Relations Lab explores topics related to this broad question across a variety of contexts, including romantic relationships, negotiation, and, most notably, intergroup relations.

We focus in particular on the dynamics of back-and-forth social interaction, so that the experiences of all parties involved in an exchange can be more fully understood.  For example, one line of investigation examines the potentially disempowering effects of being the target of empathy, as well as how empathy and perspective-taking affect accuracy (and projection) in social perception. Our most recent work in this area seeks to identify how and when people can enact empathy so to maximize its benefits for accurate understanding of targets’ thoughts and feelings and for targets’ experience of social interaction as affirming and empowering.

Another line of investigation examines the implications of different intergroup ideologies for individuals’ psychological sense of power and minority group members’ ability to have a voice and persuade dominant group members of their point of view during intergroup exchanges.


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